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July 10, 2010

Raw Food Travel: Why You Need to Schedule Meals

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Even a rawfood diet can make you gain weight while traveling unless you know how to consume the right quantities and eat at the appropriate times. You have to think of the best ways to stock up on energy on your travel while gauging your supplies. It takes a bit of planning but its well worth it to have raw food energy to last the whole day long. Here are some raw food travel advice to know the best times for eating snacks and big ticket meals.

Ask: What will you be doing for the day?

When you eat raw food, think of how much energy you need for your activities until the end of the day. A rawfood diet isn’t just for detoxing or weight loss, its about maintaining your overall health. If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking, hiking or any other strenuous physical activity, don’t starve yourself. Eat up!

Health experts recommend eating your biggest meal at noon. This is when you are at your most active – and this is when all that raw food energy can come in handy. Just remember to stop eating right before you are full so as not to overexert your digestive system.

As your day winds down, eat raw food in smaller portions. By 6 p.m. your body is preparing to shut down in time for rest – so any big rawfood diet meal at a later hour can cause you to gain weight rather than help clean out your system.

Rawfood diet Smoothies Count as Calories Too!

Even if you just eat a small salad but finish up with a big jug of rawfood smoothie, you’re still adding calories. Unless you’re planning to do a big activity after you eat raw food, these calories are most likely going to make you gain weight as well. Water is always the best choice for polishing your meals.

Never Mistake Thirst for Hunger

A lot of travelers suffer from dehydration which makes them hungrier – you can avoid this trap by drinking up to three glasses of pure water before you get going. A hydrated rawfood diet before your trip can include a cucumber or two, plus a light snack to help tide you over until your plane lands. This will help keep cravings at bay until you can get to a full rawfood diet meal at your destination.

Make the Trip about the Experience – Not Only About Eating

While you’re on your trip, don’t obsess about your rawfood diet menu plans too much. Don’t forget that you are eating right to get raw food energy to do the things you love. Enjoy your destination and sample whatever good food you find so that can have a more memorable trip.

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